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It ensures the safety of living environments by allowing users to remotely monitor and control alarm situations from their mobile devices in conjunction with the relevant sensors. With PIR, magnetic contact, vibration, and presence sensors, it detects a possible violation and warns the user and your security personnel.

It easily detects a possible flood through water sensors placed at certain points, automatically warns the user, and closes the water valves. Provides safety by preventing possible damages. In case of a possible gas leak, it detects the gas in the air through the sensors installed and closes the gas valve.


Safety first!

The Alarm Box is much more than a traditional alarm system.

It allows certain automation to be created between sensors and terminal units such as electrical sockets, fuses, valves, and air conditioning systems. Users can monitor the situation instantly, control it through the application, or simply set scenarios.



  • GAS

Mobile App

All monitoring and control functions can be managed through the mobile application. IOS and Android compatible.

You can download Xenon Smart mobile apps for free on Google Play and the App Store


  • Power Supply

    220V AC 50HZ
  • Operating Current

    100-170 mA relays in closed state, 240-310 mA all relays in open state
  • Dimensions

    105/157.4 / 212x90x59mm
  • Box Type

    Ray Tipi, DIN Rail
  • Number of Inputs

  • Number of Outputs

  • Communication

    Ethernet, RS485
  • Relay Card Supply

  • Usage

    277VAC/30VDC – Mak.
  • Max. Current

    16 A
  • Usage

    NO / NC Dry Contact Alarm On / Off, Pulse
  • Mobile

    IOS - Android
  • Manufacturer

    Xenon Smart