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Access All Your Doors

Doors App offers an easy access to all your doors

Doors App

A cloud-based access control application created with the least amount of hardware possible with no need for an RFID card, face, or fingerprint reader required in many access control systems.

Fits into your needs

Depending on the control module you have chosen in line with your needs, you can open your door with a single touch or an instant and uniqe QR codes you have creat via the mobile application.

Doors App consists of 3 main elements

Cloud Software

Fundamental data such as all your users, access permissions, and access logs are stored on the cloud-based software, and this data can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection.

It creates a bridge between your mobile application and your IoT hardware, so you can access your door with one-touch wherever you are in the world.

IoT Hardware

IoT hardware is physically connected to your doors, allowing you to access your door with relays on them and connected to the cloud via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or SIM card module. The users and user permissions stored on the cloud and admin interface are constantly synchronized with all your IoT hardware and saved in the device’s internal memory.

There are 5 different IoT control modules with 1 to 16 relays and one Smart QR reader. With the mobile application, you can control your doors remotely via the cloud server, directly in the local network, or entirely offline with QR codes created instantly and uniquely for the user.

Mobile Application

Users defined through the admin interface can view and open the doors within their access permissions by logging into the mobile application.

Easy Integration

Doors can be installed from scratch as a compact system, or it can be easily integrated into your existing access control or staff attendance control system.

RFID Systems
Photocell Doors
Magnetic Locks
Automatic Doors
Fingerprint Pass

24/7 Uninterrupted Access

Although Doors is a cloud-based solution, enrty and exits are not interrupted in case of possible internet interruptions communication continues over the local network. Even when there is no local network, QR codes created through the mobile application are recognized by Smart QR Readers, both the QR reader and the mobile application can work entirely offline.

Mobile Application
QR Code
Admin Interface

New Installations

Hardware type and the quantily are determined according to the number of the doors and your needs
Installation of the hardware
Users are added via the admin interface and access permissions are defined
Users log in to the mobile application and access the doors.
Access logs are monitored through the admin interface.


Doors App offers QR pass option with dynamic QR codes by using the user IDs used in the existing access control system.
Smart QR readers are placed on your doors or turnstiles instead of card readres
With the admin interface offered by Doors, user codes are generated over your existing user IDs.
Users log into the application with their user codes
The users create a dynamic and temporary QR code via the mobile application and show this code to the Smart QR Reader on the door or turnstile to pass.
The Smart QR reader decodes the user QR code and sends the user ID registered in your system to whatever access control panel you use with the Wiegand protocol, just like an RFID card reader.

Admin Interface

Through the admin interface offered to admin and sub-admin accounts; door, date, and time-based access permissions of staff and visitors are defined, and access logs are monitored.


Access logs can be monitored for both staff and the visitors.

User Management

You can add a new user, delete an existing user, or modify the permissions in a few simple steps.


Grant access to each user based on door and at different time intervals for each day of the week.

Visitor Management

Allow your visitors to pass within a date or time interval you specify by granting temporary door-based permissions.

Visitor Management


After the visitor authorization is completed, your visitor receives an SMS with the details.

Visitor Access

Your visitors can view and access the doors they have authorization by logging into the application.

Access easily with Doors App

The doors user is authorized to access are listed on the application home page

If the hardware controlling the door is a Smart QR Reader, a QR icon takes place next to the door name

When you touch the QR icon, the App generates a unique QR code that remains valid for 5 seconds. During this period, your door will open when this QR is scanned by the Smart QR Reader.

If the hardware controlling the door is not a Smart QR Reader, a slide bar takes place next to the door name


Single output IoT control module, Wi-Fi connectivity option, controls one door without the hassle of wiring. You can slide and open the doors controlled by this hardware on the mobile application.

Smart QR Reader

Controls single door with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity options. You can open the doors controlled by this hardware by generating unique instant QR codes on the mobile application.

IoT Control Module with 2 Outputs

Controls two doors with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity options. You can slide and open the doors controlled by this hardware on the mobile application.

IoT Control Module with 4 Outputs

Controls four doors with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity options. You can slide and open the doors controlled by this hardware on the mobile application.

IoT Control Module with 8 Outputs

Controls eight doors with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity options. You can slide and open the doors controlled by this hardware on the mobile application.

IoT Control Module with 16 Outputs

Controls sixteen doors with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity options. You can slide and open the doors controlled by this hardware on the mobile application.

QR Access System

Add QR code pass option to your existing access control systems with Doors App

No matter what software or hardware you use in your existing system, integrate the QR pass option in minutes with the offered admin interface and Smart QR Readers.

Compatible with all systems.

Even if you don’t have Doors App as an end-to-end solution, you can still use the QR pass option in your existing access control system. Smart QR readers are connected to the RS-485 or Wiegand inputs of any access control panel controlling your doors or turnstiles, just like an RFID card reader.

QR Pass within your Access Control System

The user ID numbers saved in your system are converted into user codes by the admin interface. Users log in to Doors App with this user code, and a unique encrypted QR code is generated each time the user wants to pass a door or a turnstile.

The Smart QR Reader decrypts the content of the QR code and transfers a meaningful user ID number to your access control panel.

Doors is an Access Control system works with IoT hardware

In conventional access systems, each door must have an RFID card, a reader such as a face or a fingerprint to verify the user identity, and a control panel to which these readers send data. The hardware required for each door significantly increases the system installation costs in parallel with the door number.

Doors App does not require two or more separate hardware for every door and even allows you to control up to 16 doors/turnstiles only with single hardware when wiring is possible.

You can control door and lock systems such as turnstiles, magnetic locks, automatic sliding doors, barriers, shutters, electric locks and strikers, solenoid locks, pivot wing opening mechanisms, electronic hotel locks, etc.

All units within the Doors App communicate with TLS 1.3, which modern internet banking systems also recognize as secure.

You can open your door with one touch with the Doors App mobile application wherever you are in the world.

The user will only be able to open the doors within the office borders over the local network to which the IoT control modules are connected if you do not grant remote access authorization to a user through the admin interface. If the user is required to open the door only when nearby, the hardware of the relevant door should be a Smart QR Reader, so that the door will only be opened when an authorized user shows a QR code to the Smart QR Reader right next to it.

The system will automatically recognize when a Smart QR Reader selected as the door control hardware, and users can only access the door by QR Pass with mobile application.

When the user touches the QR icon of the door in the mobile application, a dynamic QR code will be generated and it will be valid for only 5 seconds. Since it is only valid for such short time, it expires within the time frame when it is sent to someone else to pass in case of saving a screen shot. QR codes created through the Doors App mobile application are encrypted for security purposes and cannot be copied or imitated.

You can grant an access permission valid only for a certain time or date range for your visitors, which you will add in a few simple steps via the Doors App admin interface. Authorization can be done separately for each door you have, so visitors can only access the doors you choose.

After the permission is granted, the access details are sent to your visitor as an SMS. It reduces the required workforce to zero for the greeting and authentication processes

Both IoT Control Modules and Smart QR Reader constantly synchronize all user permissions that you have defined in the admin interface with the cloud and keep them in their internal memory. In case of an internet outage, you can access your doors with no for an internet connection, as long as you have a connection with the local area network with your mobile device and IoT hardware. The logs belonging to passes took place during the absence of an Internet connection are kept in the hardware memory and sent to the cloud so that they can be synchronized when the internet connection is established back.

If the Smart QR Reader is selected as the door control hardware, you can open your door with the QR codes you have created completely offline without even connecting to the local area network from your mobile device.

Please contact us for Doors App prices and all other details.