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Offers all the flexibility you may need with 7 different operating modes.


Supplied with 12 and 24 Volts, both AC and DC, can be used as a no-touch exit button to open automatic doors and locks.

7 different operating modes.

By adjusting the sensing distance, it detects when you bring your hand in front of it from 5 cm to 60 cm and,
with its internal relay, triggers the operation of all kinds of electrically operated units.



Technicial Specifications
Model : Hand Proximity Sensor - No Touch Button
Power Supply : 12/24V DC - 12/24V AC
Operating Current : 120mA @12/24V DC
Power Consumption (Max) : 2,9 W
Transmitter/Receiver Number : 1 IR Transmitter/ 1 IR Receiver
Detection Distance : 5-60 cm
Number of Relays : 1
Contact Type : Dry Contact NO / NC
Certificates : CE, RoHS