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End to end solution with the renewed Smart Box.

Smart Box

It provides an end-to-end solution for smart living environments. Lighting, socket, curtain, blinds, air conditioning systems, fuse box, water, and gas valves are controlled from a single center

Time to Live the Future

It allows you to control your home safely with the tablets and mobile phones you use. You can make your life easier and increase your comfort with open / close, curtain, time scenario, and many other features..






Water Valves



2-4 Channels

12-16 Channels

You can download Xenon Smart mobile apps for free on Google Play and the App Store.

Technicial Specifications
Power Supply : 220V AC 50HZ
Operating Current : 240-310 mA 
Boyutlar : -
Haberleşme : Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Sim Card, Bluetooth RS485
Max Contact Current : 16 A
Mobile : iOS - Android