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Make your heating and cooling systems smarter.

Smart Thermostat

Provides both comfort and savings by enabling remote control of climatization systems with a mobile application.

Stylish design, ease of use, and functionality all combinde.

Save the environment by heating your home as much as you need at the time intervals you set with its working modes and weekly program feature.




Besides powering via USB, it allows you to carry it to the room you desire with its battery operation feature.

AC Control

Control the IR remote-controlled air conditioners with the IR transmitter placed on the thermostat.

Smart Control Module

By being installed on your heating systems such as boilers, heat pumps, it receives critical data from both the thermostat and the mobile application via wireless internet connection.

In the light of received data, it determines how often and for how long the heating system will operate and adjusts the temperature of your living environment with maximum comfort and efficiency.



Easily adjust your room temperature from anywhere with the mobile application.