Doors Cloud is an access control services platform covering an end-to-end solution with the possibilities for integration at different levels, offered to Xenon Smart RFID card readers, QR code readers, and access control panels.

Management Interface

System admins can manage the devices, users, and visitors on a web-based management interface. Users and visitors are authorized instantly and OTA, allowing a fast and smooth experience.

  • Device Management

  • User Management

  • Visitor Management

  • Permission Management

  • Logs

  • EarningsDoors Cloud eliminates the operating and maintenance costs and requires less hardware to obtain an access control system.

  • Location ManagementControl multiple readers and access control panels on a single screen regardless of their locations.

  • Offline Compatible Readers continue operating seamlessly even in the case of internet loss. All the user authorization data is constantly being synchronized between Smart Readers and Doors Cloud.

  • ConnectAll the operations performed on the management interface also can be performed through API services.


Network communication is secured with TLS.

Dynamic QR credentials
for your visitors

Visitors receive a message containing a link to generate dynamic QR codes as their Access credentials. Receptions are no longer needed, and contact during a card exchange is very well eliminated.

  • Add Visitors

  • Share Link

  • Configure the authorization and expiration time.