Working fully integrated with the Doors Cloud, QR Code Readers offer user and guest management features over the cloud while providing support with QR technology via the Doors mobile App.

Technology and Profitability

Wiegand or network-based use options. Ready to use with Doors App or takes 5 minutes to integrate into any existing system. Supports HTTP, TCP, MQTT, UDP with Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Black

  • Anthracite

  • White

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • : 103 mm
  • : 45 mm
  • : 22 mm

Mobile Era! Doors App

Offers secure mobile credentials using dynamic QR codes. Doors App introduces an end-to-end access control solution with Doors Cloud and flexible integration options for existing access control systems. Doors App is natively compatible with Smart QR Readers regardless of your door controller and access control system.

  • Dynamic QR Access

    Dynamic QR codes expire in five seconds, making them impossible to share. Authorize your users and visitors instantly. Offers a more cost-effective and sustainable solutions compared to plastic ID cards.

  • Secure

    Each dynamic QR code is unique and well encrypted. Network communications between Doors Cloud, Doors App, and Smart Reader use TLS 1.2.

  • Offline Compatible

    Readers continue operating seamlessly even in the case of internet loss. All the user authorization data is constantly being synchronized between Smart Readers and Doors Cloud.

  • Remote Access

    Users who have remote access authorization can control their doors remotely.

Easy integration into any other system

Users can use Doors App to access if a Xenon Smart reader exists on the door. Xenon Smart readers can be wired to your door controller or directly communicate with your access control server through a network and control the door by all means.

Network communication configuration can be customized on the reader user interface.

All the operations performed on the management interface also can be performed through API services.

Dynamic QR credentials
for your visitors

Visitors receive a message containing a link to generate dynamic QR codes as their Access credentials. Receptions are no longer needed, and contact during a card exchange is very well eliminated.

  • Add Visitors

  • Share Link

  • Configure the authorization and expiration time.

Doors Cloud

Doors Cloud is an access control services platform covering an end-to-end solution with the possibilities for integration at different levels, offered to Xenon Smart RFID card readers, QR code readers, and access control panels.

  • Device Management

  • User Management

  • Visitor Management

  • Permission Management

  • Logs

Doors Cloud eliminates the operating and maintenance costs and requires less hardware to obtain an access control system.

Let us diminish your plastic
waste and carbon footprint.

Mobile access solutions offer the freedom of not carrying plastic cards and help you to reduce your carbon footprint

Usage Scenarios

Doors Cloud

A cloud-based end-to-end access control solution

Manage unlimited number of readers

Manage unlimited number of users/visitors

Reader keeps all the user access authorizations on the local memory, unaffected by connection losses

Readers in various locations can be managed through a single platform

Support for Doors App and third-party mobile applications

Dynamic QR access option

Remote control of the door locks & turnstiles

Readers do not require a separate door controller as they directly communicate with the cloud server.

Wiegand/RS485 Connection

Readers are connected to the controllers without changing other elements of the existing system

Supports Wiegand and RS485 protocols for wiring to controllers

Dynamic QR access option

Eliminates the cost of ID cards

Provides practicality and security with mobile access technologies

Provides Doors App and API services for third-party mobile applications.

Network Integration

Reader is directly connected to the existing system's access control server by eliminating the existing reader and controller

Supports HTTP, TCP, UDP, and MQTT protocols

Dynamic QR access option

Eliminates the cost of ID cards and controllers

Provides practicality and security with mobile access technologies

Provides Doors App and API services for third-party mobile applications.

Easy integration via the integration interface or advanced integration via open protocols